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Lacoste gets it big

April 16, 2014

Beautiful commercial.

The outside shoots are amazingly beautiful – congrats to the Cinematographer.

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Walz

April 16, 2014

A man of many talents, Sir Anthony Hopkins, has written music for many years.

This waltz, titled “And the Waltz Goes On“, Hopkins has composed it 50 years ago (when he was 23 years old).

It was Hopkins’ dream to hear it played by Dutch violinist André Rieu and this was the works’ premiere.

What a beautiful moment in someone’s life. This is when it really pays off to be “Sir Anthony Hopkins”: you are able to convince a world-renowed violinist to play your piece!

“Bliss”: The most viewed picture of the world

April 13, 2014


National Geographic photographer, Charles O’Rear, tells the story behind Windows XP desktop picture (2001) taken on the road from Napa Valley to San Francisco (California/ USA).No photoshop…

Monty Python: “The Silly Walks Song” (new!)

April 4, 2014

… what can be said? MONTY PYTHON are AMAZING, and they have impacted culture worldwide

… this new soundtrack… is ON THE SPOT, as always!… You can sing it on your way to work! (?!?)

‘Final ever’ Monty Python show announced along with new song

Sorry if you have an account, but Facebook is making stupider — and you know it

March 29, 2014

On the internet and on one of the most dangerous f*cking companies, Facebook
(which I wished it would END tomorrow). WHY? Bill Maher gives me a hand:

Democracy has many flaws but Bill Maher‘s show embodies one of its best features.

(“New Rules” segment, show broadcasted on Fev 21, 2014)

Pretty Old (2012): a documentary

March 28, 2014

Being old. One of society’s many taboos, still standing strong.

Pretty Old: a documentary about being beautiful, expressive, creative and… alive
after you’re 58 years-old.

Official website.

Billy Collins: Poetry to Change the Way We Think

March 21, 2014

…. if we’re not too lazy and if we bother taking the time to listen.
Or: why are we idiots today and how are we raising more idiots.

The price of society rewarding us for not growing up is to see our creativity going down the drain.

Full TedTalk here.


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