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Bo Burnham: This Is Not a Love Song

July 21, 2014

Bo Burnham is very very talented, intuitive and intelligent.

I hope he hangs on… it can be hard to understand and be aware of so much at 23 years old…

Ugly and tasty fruit? Is it a paradox? Nope

July 16, 2014

… fruit and vegetables, with a discount, as tasty and helthy as the nice looking ones!

CIA on Twitter: scary funny

July 14, 2014

And this is why democracy needs accountability.

Without it… institutions start crumbling, loosing their credibility. Scary funny…

Flume: very, very cool set

July 12, 2014

… and you can watch, up close and personal, many other DJs at work, at Boiler Room events. Eg. Jaime XX.

More about Flume.

Your mug flows really nice!

July 2, 2014

Most advertising is sh*t but this one… simple, cool and effective.

I felt like buying the mug because whenever I would look at it, in my mind,
my feet would fly and my tea would flow!… :-)

Bon Iver’s new song “Heavenly Father”

July 1, 2014

Immediately… so good… Yes, I’m a BIG fan.

Details here.

Sometimes you just need to do something really stupid

June 12, 2014

…. along with 999 people. Love the idea.

(English subtitles available in the video) Original here.


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